Migraines: Treating the Underlying Causes

Migraines: Tissue-targeted treatments of underlying causes:

Expert reference: Dr Charles Matthews: North Carolina Comprehensive Headache Clinic

Underlying Cause #1: Mitochondrial (battery of the cell) dysfunction: Dr Mathews has measured excessive lactic acid leaking from mitochondria in most of his cases, and he addresses his treatments to restoring mitochondria function.

With the energy loss in a small area of the brain there develops abnormal brain electrical activity that spreads like a thunderstorm or a wave through the rest of the brain. So many preventative treatments try to work on the causes of these abnormalities and try to keep the brain cell mitochondria energized, and the surrounding brain areas “calm:”

 A. Coenzyme, Q10, Idebenone and N-Acetyl Cysteine repair the dysfunction of mitochondria and free radical damage.

B. Supplements that can increase your gene (Nrf2) production of powerful free radical defenses: Turmeric, Cruciferous Vegetables, Wasabe, Resveratrol, Protandim

C. Magnesium, Taurine and B2 (Riboflavin): Calm the cell as they block abnormal ion channel pathways and improve cell enzyme function; Avoid excitotoxins in food: Reduce glutamate/NMDA and others

Underlying Cause #2: Food and environmental and sensitivities, trigeminal nerve and brain artery inflammation 

A. Elimination diet, desensitizing environmental or food “triggers.”

B. Anti-Seizure nutrients and meds

C. Reduce CSD (See above picture)

D. Reduce Trigeminal Nerve hyperactivity

Triptan medication, CGRP blockers, Triptan combined with NSAIA or ASA (studies in progress), diagnose and treat chronic microbial trigeminal infection or other irritation of this area.

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