Brain: Stop Premature Memory Loss

Citicoline is a building block to important brain substances that are harder to produce as you age. It increases sphingomyelin, cardiolipin, acetylcholine, dopamine, and betaine. It improves memory, learning, motor skills, and coordination in both animal and human studies. Dosage: 1-2g a day

(Refs: Weiss GB.: Metabolism and actions of CDP – choline as an endogenous compound and administered exogenously as citicoline. Life Sci 1995, PMID:7869846)
Citicoline has been the subject of nearly 1000 studies, 380 of these in humans.

Coffee cherry has a low caffeine content and increases brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)– which enhances memory and learning. Two studies, using this in a form called whole coffee fruit concentrate powder (WCFC), showed it increased plasma levels of BDNF by an average of 143% and 137%.

(Ref: DMID 23312069)

Ginseng has been known to promote vigor and longevity, increase your body’s ability to adapt to stress, and enhance physical and mental performance. New studies show it enhances memory and ability to pay attention. Both a 200mg and 400mg dose have shown improved working memory, word recall, and reaction time. As below, it also helps to prevent strokes.

(Ref: PMID 20676609)

Ginseng Nrf2 Stroke Protection

 A new and exciting product to reverse premature memory loss is called “Prevagen” and is available from Quincy Bioscience. It is available in 10 mg and 20 mg dosages. In three months, the research participants had improvements in memory, word recall, learning and executive functioning.

An interesting part of this study was that premature memory loss and Alzheimer’s have two separate causes within the hippocampus (memory center.

Japanese studies have shown that supplemental DHA sharpens memory in patients with dementia and depression and improves behavior and speech in those with Alzheimer’s disease, Low levels of DHA are associated with an increased risk of memory loss.

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Your brain can fall victim to many aging insults–Both internally and externally. Restore more youthful brain functioning with carefully researched brain supplements, diet choices and environmental stimulation. As below, it is important to optimize brain memory cell stress protection and reduce external damaging stressors:



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