Target Nrf2: Protect Cells from Inflammation

Stimulate Nrf2 to stimulate production of the genetic product called the “Cellular Stress Response” or ARE in diagram below.

This profoundly increases gene production of anti-oxidant enzymes GSH, Gpx, GST, Catalase and other proteins to protect cell health and help prevent aging.



Nrf2 detail

Lifestyle changes that stimulate Nrf2 include:


Tumeric (with active ingredient Curcurmin), Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Green Tea, Milk Thistle Cruciferous Vegetables, Enerolactones, Resveratrol, Wasabe, (Protandim–Which is one of several supplements which combine some of the above stimulators) as well as:

Physical Exercise

Dietary Restriction or intermittent fasting

Cognitive Enrichment or Positive Social Encounters

Mild Cell Stress and Nutrients stimulate ARE



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