Nutrition: Anti-Inflammatories

Silent inflammation refers to the fact that your body can react to foods, toxins, microbes and imbalances with damaging inflammation of which you are not aware.

Stop silent inflammation by targeting the different “signaling enzymes”–Then you can use a variety of substances to reduce this inflammation through several pathways.

  • The supplement (and ingredient of meats) CLA reduces intestinal inflammation by decreasing the enzyme activities of PPAR gamma & alpha. CLA also reduced expression of TNF-alpha activation, reduced activation of NFkB induction, and induced the immune system regulator TGF-Beta.
  • Target the up-regulation or down-regulation of NF-κB-driven pro- or anti-inflammatory cytokine cascades  considering that NF-κB is a primary effector of disease (A. S. Baldwin, J. Clin. Invest., 2001, 107:3-6): Use Turmeric, hCG


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