Other Naturals to Reduce Heart Disease

  1. Supplement Omega-3 rich oils.Research has shown that a healthy level of fish oil reduces a person’s relative risk of death from coronary heart disease by 40 percent, and from sudden cardiac death by 90 percent. Test your levels with the OmegaCheck, or a comparative measurement kit for blood levels.

  2. Measure your hormone DHEA and supplement, if low. 25-50 mg/day is a reasonable starting dose for low levels (See Appendix)

  3. Take 100-200 micrograms/day Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) with a meal that contains fat (for absorption.) Details are available in recent scientific papers. This vitamin has been shown in some studies to remove the calcification from the arterial wall. Others use EDTA to remove the calcium.

  4. Use Supplements that naturally dissolve away fibrin, the tissue that entraps the cholesterol, platelets, immune cells, calcium deposits and “biofilms.”

PIC Platelet trapped by fibrin

The “Kinase” supplements seem to help stop this “vicious cycle” of biofilm accumulation and release of more biofilm. (Lumbrokinase, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, etc).


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Appendix DHEA:

A 100 micrograms per deciliter increase in DHEA sulfate concentrations corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease. (“A prospective study of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, mortality, and cardiovascular disease.”) Note: Dr. Stephen Cherniske is a Biochemist and DHEA expert who has written DHEA Breakthrough (and the later Metabolic Makeover books) that review the research on DHEA for Heart Disease.


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